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1) Reference Policy make targets: General Make targets: install-src Install the policy sources into /etc/selinux/NAME/src/policy, where NAME is defined in the. The SELinux Reference Policy project (refpolicy) is a complete SELinux policy that MLS policies, and loadable policy modules all from the same source tree. To look at the sources used to build the policy, you need to install the source rpm, A further package, selinux-policy-devel, has also.

When you have the policy sources installed, rpm may assume that you have modified the policy and may not automatically load a newly installed policy. In earlier releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux it was necessary to install the selinux-policy-targeted-sources packages and then to create a file in the . This chapter is an overview of SELinux policy, some of its internals, and how it There are two components to the policy: the binary tree and the source tree.

25 Sep The Example policy is the name used to describe the original SELinux policy source used to build a monolithic policy produced by the NSA and. There are at least three ways to build a monolithic or base policy source file to experiment with: Use the samples. Source of the SELinux reference policy for customization.


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