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This website is home to the unofficial Kryptonian language project started in by Darren Doyle, and has grown to encompass information on all the various. Before you dive in, it's worth noting here that Kryptonian is its own language, and has its own rules about language structure. The dictionary here should be used. Kryptonian. Kryptonian or Kryptonese is language or the fictional planet Krypton, birthplace of Superman. The language appears in writing in the Superman comics at first as random squiggles. Then during the s E. Nelson Bridwell created an alphabet of letters, Kryptonese, from the squiggles.

21 Mar The Kryptonian language -- specifically the written language -- has an interesting history in DC Comics. Early on, Kryptonian writing was largely. Kryptonian Symbol Chart. As shown in the above chart the Kryptonian language is a simple substitution cipher. So for each symbol in the English alphabet there's a corresponding symbol in the Kryptonian alphabet. In , I was invited to help develop the Kryptonian language for the Hollywood film Man of Steel (). Although, I have researched and taught about created.

Comics. For most of Superman's published history, Kryptonian writing was represented by random, alien-looking squiggles. In the s, E. Nelson Bridwell attempted to rationalize these squiggles into a letter alphabet, referring to the language as "Kryptonese.". 19 Apr Inventing an alien language? Easy. In its place came Kryptonian, which was a 26 letter alphabet that simply corresponded with the English. 3 Dec - 46 min - Uploaded by SelinaDeVestige let me lay some Kryptonian on your ears! xD. how did u learn to speek Kryptonian language.


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