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Volley and bayonet rules

Like the first edition Volley & Bayonet:Road to Glory is a miniatures rules system designed to model warfare in the period from to The aim of the rules is to allow major battles to be re-fought, as such the troop and time scale allow the deployment of large bodies of troops on the wargames table. Wargaming the battles of to with "Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory" Further, the rules for me capture both the feeling of a major battle yet retaining. Volley & Bayonet Road to Glory is an updated version of the Volley & Bayonet black powder miniatures rules. As with the previous version, the emphasis is on gaming entire battles of the black powder era. While the emphasis of this edition is the Napoleonic period, rules are given.

21 Dec Some folks think that Volley & Bayonet (V&B) is simple because the writer a) It is written by a very clever chap, who knows how to write rules. I finally decided to have a look at Volley and Bayonet as it is always mentioned as a Does anyone know where I can buy these rules? I almost. Volley and Bayonet: Road to Glory Core Rules Volley & Bayonet: Road To Glory provides a single set of rules which cover, with minor modifications, the black.

17 Jun Volley & Bayonet became one of the most popular 18th and 19th century warfare simulation games shortly after it was published. A special. 23 Apr So I think it was a good idea that Frank Chadwick did not include the lower scale rules in the second edition of Volley & Bayonet. Greg Novak. Volley & Bayonet (wargame rules for 18th & 19th century battles of the black powder era) [Frank Chadwick, Greg Novak] on *FREE* shipping on .


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